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Arts & culture in Gbi is a true reflection of a socially balanced



Traditional entertainment remains a huge part of the Gbi

lifestyle. Yet, pop culture and symbols of western

influence are plainly visible throughout the community. This

is even more dominant among younger generations.


For Gbis, it is a "give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar" kind of

attitude when it comes to arts and culture. The preference for

modern technology, fashion and beauty, movies and

many of the things Gbis care for point to a people that are very

much in tune with a global culture.


But it is also common to see regular pub and party goers going completely traditional on occasions such as festivals, funerals, and the installation of traditional leaders.  They would dress in colorful regalia, drumming and dancing in honor of age old traditions. In fact, it is standard practice in Gbi for events to be programmed into sessions of traditional and pop culture. Radio programs toe this same path.


Beauty pageants are a part of the annual Gbi Community festival. Pageants held in Gbi reflect Gbi tradition as well as contemporary society standards.

Gbis are into all the popular Western music one can think of. The taste for music among the youth especially is no different from their contemporaries across the globe. Yet, they exceptionally adore traditional Gbi and Ewe rhythms like the very popular Borborbor, Gbolo, Asiko, and Adewo.

Bars dot Gbi towns, from roadsides through neighborhoods. They are patronized by young and old, men and women.  


As the hospitality business in Gbi advances, it has become common to see pool parties and programs of all kinds, including pageants, wedding receptions, live performances, drink-ups and barbecue meet-ups happening on hotel premises and other

entertainment centers across town.

By Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

Arts & Culture
In Gbi

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