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4th And 5th December, 2021 Preparation activities Date 6 December Monday 2021 Time: 9am - 11am Dzigbe - Activity is devoid of drumming. tohoe Central Market by Akayice groups Market by Akayiee groups from Anyigbe, Titina and Date 7th December Tuesday 2021 Activities: time: 7am - 10am i) NAKEFORFOR (Gathering of Firewood) by a (Gathering of Firewood) by all women in Gbi State. 11) Date: 7 December Tuesday 2021. Time 9pm - 11:59pm Activities: DORDADAKORNU (Spiritual Healing Customs) Assemble of Native Doctors. ( Togbe Buami of Gbi-Bla and Togbe Deiga of Peki Traditional Area) iii) Date: 7th December Tuesday 2021 Activities: Announcement of the healing outcome by Togbe Buami to the royal family, Gbi State and finally the general public. Date: 8th December, 2021 - Time: 12:01 - 4am Activities: Drumming of Atumpanie (Vuga) Firing of Musketry (Aprim) and firing of gun. Procession of Akayie through the street of Hohoe - 6am - 7am. Date: 8th December, 2021 - Time: 10am-2pm ities: GBORYORYOR: All the nine (9) Divisions of Gbi State would be Involved in this activity simultaneously. Anyigbe headed by Wegbe. Titina led by Kpoeta and Dzigbe headed by Bla. By 2pm all th Dzigbe headed by Bla. By 2pm all the groups would converge at the palace. Date: 8th December, 2021 - Time: 4pm - 6pm Activities: Mounting of Palanquin by To Titina group nine of Palanquin by Togbe Adomdake (Dzimeyiyi) on behalf of Date: 8th December, 2021 - 10pm -- 4am All the Asafoatse in Ghis in Gbi State ble (Anyigbe group Activities: Wake Keeping by Kledjo mandatory to be present. Togbe Keh also in attendance would be the Anlo, Los ledjo Adevu. All the As ogbe keh XII would be responsible (A orborbor groups and the police h Date: 9December 2021 2nd day of laying instate Activities: Day and night. Gboryoryor 2pm 4pm and wake keeping 10pm - by Kpoeta Asafo group. This activity for it he Titina group led by Adomdake e life band and (Gbolo and avila pm have the Anlo group Losu, borborbor and the Spm). Date: 10th December Friday 2021: Day three of laying ins Activities: For day and night include gboryoryor at 4pm whorvoryor at 2pm - 4pm by the Dziehe group and wake keeping at 10pm - 4am headed by Bla also the Anlo group Losu,borborbor and life band and (Gbolo and aviha 2pm-5pm). Date: 11h December 2021 - activities i) Adetsitsi and mofafa led by Togbe Wode IV of Gbikpeme (Acting President of Gbi Traditional Council). - 7am - 8am ii) Procession to Church - from Gabusu palace to St. Francis College of Education. Togbe Buami would be in Palanquin (9am -10am) iii) Church Service - 11am -1pm iv) Procession back to palace and continue with culture activity from all the groups. v) Burial rite led by Togbe Buami is a private burial. 12th December, 2021. Time 8am -10am Akpedadakoru (Thanksgiving service) Gbolo, aviha from Dzigbe, Atabuborborboran Atumpanie (vugadzodzo) 8pm-11pm Date: 13th to 16 December 2021 Gbolo, Akayefrom Anyigbegroup and As This activity is headed by Togbe Wodel group from Gbikpeme. 2pm Traditional Council). of Gbikpeme (Acting Presi Gathering of Chiefs, Queen mothers Si bol fathers, Asafoatses and Pik peme. 2pm - 4pm 8 President of Ghi Ses and elders of the

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