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Tsrivimetsitsie, Buamimetsitsie, Nyavormetsitsie, Akunumetsitsie, Maamaa Ama Serwa, Buamikpukpotor and Kporme Tsiami form the core of the body of support and counsel for Togbe Buami. This body of advisors can outlive the reign of one or more Togbe Buami. There is another body of support and counsel whose tenure comes with the tenure of a particular Togbe Buami and whose tenure terminates at the beginning of the reign of the next Togbe Buami. This body comprise Fiator, Megbeme and Kalakaladula. Any one of them may be re-appointed to serve any succeeding Togbe Buami. They are collectively together with the earlier body of support and counsel expected to assist Togbe Buami with their physical presence, advice and material resources. In addition, each of them has some specific exclusive roles to play. All the “cabinet” members mention above can lose their positions if their actions / inactions are found to be bringing the name of the chiefdom into disrepute. Apart from the appointment of the Tsrivimetsitsie, Nyavormetsitsie, Akunumetsitsie and Kporme Tsiami, all other appointments in the Buami Chiefdom are made by the kingmakers of the Buami Stool in consultation with the elders of the Nyavor and Akunor clans.

Fiator: He, among other things, is expected to be like the “shadow” of Togbe Buami. He must always be with Togbe Buami. All grievances, etc to Togbe Buami must pass through Fiator. He sees to it that Togbe Buami appears in public in the most appropriate manner / look. Where Togbe Buami cannot attend a function, the Fiator is the first representative to be considered and in this case he is expected to attend the function with or without a sub-divisional chief.

Megbeme: He, among other things, is expected to support Togbe Buami with good counsel. He is also expected to lead in the mobilization of needed resources for use of Togbe Buami.

Kalakaladula: His actual function is activated the moment the Buami stool becomes vacant either through death, abdication or destoolment. He is expected to serve as a “catalyst” urging the elders of Buami in particular and Tsrivi in general in seeking an occupant for the Buami stool. He may suggest a candidate but the selection of an occupant of the Buami stool is ultimately the responsibility of the kingmakers of the Buami stool in consultation with the elders of the Nyavor and Akunu clans. After a choice is made, he is the one who is expected to announce the choice to the elders of Tsrivi in a gathering for that purpose.

The above not withstanding, these key functionary members can be assigned any other duty / duties as deemed appropriate by Togbe Buami in consultation with the other elders of the Buami Chiefdom.

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