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Aptly named Mamaga Agoe Dewortornyo I, a combination of the titles of her predecessors, Agoe I and Dewotornyo I, the paramount queen of Gbi Traditional Area is known in private as Joycelyn Esinana Maloe Adiku.

Born on September 7, 1986, Adiku hails from Gbi-Hohoe and Gbi-Abansi. She is the daughter of Jonathan Adiku of blessed memory - Hohoe-Torkoni; and Regina Adza of Abansi-Daklovi. Adiku attended Happy Home School, Hohoe, for her primary and junior high education. St. Margaret Mary, Accra, is her senior high alma mater.

The paramount queen is an honors and masters degree holder whom familydescribe as affable with a great sense of style. Her selection followed the death of Mamaga Dewotornyo I. 

Agoe Dewotornyo I doubles as the queen of the Torkoni clan and subdivision of Gbi-Hohoe.


By virtue of her position as the paramount queen of Gbi Traditional Area, she is the default queen of Gbi-Hohoe. 


Adiku is a wife, mother and professional. Her love for kids earned her the nickname "Original Mother of all Children."

PROJECT: The Queen's Initiative, Hohoe Municipal Area, Ghana. Find out more about the Queen's Initiative HERE.

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