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  • Christiana Amamansah Gockel

Gbi Dukorza: A Second Look by Christiana Gockel from Gbi-Bla.

The Gbidukorza is in its 21st year now and I think we need to do some review of the festival celebrated annually

by GBI and PEKI, from Ghana’s Volta Region.

From the onset, the people from Gbi and Peki agreed that they were one and the same people separated by events during their migration from Notsie; hence, the institution of Gbi Dukorza to bring the two groups together for development and other purposes.

I am not sure if the people of Gbi and Peki together went by the Gbi identity before Peki changed to Peki, or whether further events following their separation led to the adoption of a common name for the two groups.

Whatever the story is, since their separation, the two groups have had their clear identities, which we all know to be Gbi, located in Gbi Traditional Area, and Peki, located in Peki Traditional Area.

As our identities are very clear, in my opinion, we should not have named our ... Continue reading at GBI VOICE

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