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AN ODE TO A KING: Agoe Dewotornyo's Tribute to Gabusu.

Full Transcript of Paramount Queen Mamaga Agoe Dewotornyo I's Tribute to Togbega Gabusu VI - Gbi Traditional Area.

On a gloomy autumn day, a brave man and a fighter took one deep breath and a strong wind blew across our towns, sending shivers down our spines. Our very own, the symbol of our strength, our paramount chief, Togbega Gabusu VI of Gbi Traditional Area, had begun his journey to the ancestral land.

Many things have happened since, including some unpredictable ones. As fate would have it, I stand before you today to pay tribute—personally as paramount queen, and on behalf of all the queens from Gbi Traditional Area—to this brave son of the soil who led our state, Gbi Dzigbe, for three decades.

Togbega Gabusu VI was many things to many. To some, he was a father; to some, a friend; and to many, a symbol of Gbi’s authority. His bluntness could perplex you; his sternness might frustrate you; his friendliness would make you forget you were in the presence of a king.

For us his people though, nothing beats the Gbi pride a Gabusu inspires. The mere sight of our paramount chief sent a rush of pride and joy through us, even if one had a bone to pick with him. And if you thought the charm the VI exuded was felt by Gbis only, you were not paying attention to the rest of the world. In the eyes of the world, our Togbega was simply a legend. Indeed, a mighty tree has fallen and how do we carry on?

How do we carry on with the Gbi State mission?

How do we carry on with the community building task?

How do we carry on inspiring selflessness among our people?

How do we carry on pushing our future leaders to aspire for greatness?

How do we carry on ensuring a safe environment for our youth?

How do we carry on guarding and preserving Gbi’s values?

The moment is sobering, the task ahead is huge, its complexities are challenging. But like soldiers in the field, we will pick up from where you left off and build Gbi together. We will build on your strengths, chart new courses, and in the spirit of unity, Gbi shall rise from this dark cloud.

Gbi shall rise from this dark cloud, with you watching over us.

Gbi shall rise from this dark cloud, with wisdom and knowledge guiding us.

Gbi shall rise from this dark cloud, with patriotism leading the way.

Gbi shall rise from this dark cloud and stand firm once again.

It is sad saying goodbye, our father and leader. We will never forget you.

Have a safe trip to the village, Togbega; a peaceful transition to the ancestors.

Fare thee well, Brave One. Mawu ne na dzudzɔ mavɔ wo.

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