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  • Michael Zotoo


Today a Hunter sits and stares.

With every hair on his person,

Erect as a battle sword.

Today a Warrior can only look on with pride.

With a thousand yard’s stare,

His Regalia adorned on his brother,

The only true presence he will have!

A drummer without drums,

A Hunter without his gun,

A warrior detached from his regalia,

A royal, far from home!

*GB3DZI* is not only literal.

The quest to be better,

A son far from home,

The dare to leave a comfort zone,

This is what GB3DZI means and more!

So yes a warrior is not home,

But he’s present in all forms!

As ye brothers mourn the royal throne,

He mourns with you.

With you he feels home at heart!

Let the drums sound like never before,

The anti-tradinalists will spectate as usual.

Sing the songs that awakens ancestry!

Iron will bounce of skin,

Fire will quench in palms,

Bullets will grind into powder!

Depicting indeed, a great Hero journeys home!

Ye are not war-leads for fashion,

Ye are royalty of uncomprehending might!

Show the rich culture we are made of!

TogbeGã Babaaaaaaa!!!

Gbidukor Babaaaaaaa!!!

Tongor Masianuda

Koklo kanu meká torngor oo

Gbi - Atabu





Michael P. Zotoo is a US-based Ghanaian; a Hohoe-born

from Gbi-Atabu; steadfast lover of tradition,

and member of United States Navy - K9.


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