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  • Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

Gbi Traditional Area Outdoors Next Paramount Chief - Gabusu VII in the Making

In a vervy ceremony, packed with rich Gbi traditions and customs, kingmakers in Hohoe introduced the next paramount chief of the Gbi Traditional Area to the world on Saturday.

The 42-year-old, Seth R. K. Agbesinyale from the Royal Adom Gate of Hohoe-Torkoni, is a business administration professional and graduate of Sunderland University, UK. Agbesinyale came up as the most viable candidate, following a long, taxing, search by the kingmakers.

The incoming Paramount-Chief is a direct nephew of the late Togbega Gabusu VI (Billy Bright Eli Kumadie), whom he succeeds. His succession to the throne however is not connected to this relationship. Gabusu VI was a maternal uncle and the two come from rival gates - Kadrake and Adom. Many in the nine-town traditional area, comprising Godenu, Wegbe, Atabu, Kledzo, Kpoeta, Hohoe, Abansi, Bla, and Kpeme—informally referred to as Hohoe—are cautiously optimistic about Agbesinyale’s reign, after 30 years of rule by his predecessor.

The new leader of Gbi Traditional Area, who doubles as chief of Hohoe-Torkoni, promised to not disappoint his people, while emphasizing the enormous responsibility placed on him and calling for their support to get the work done.

Saturday’s event, which followed eight days of confinement of the candidate, in accordance with Gbi tradition, was the climax of a week-long program that featured core customary practices of the land and traditional displays.

The atmosphere was charged. It was all scarlet; a sign that the predecessor’s funeral isn’t done yet. The incoming must preside over the final funeral rites of the late occupant of the stool before he is crowned with full status as the seventh occupant of this powerful seat.

The fourth of eight children, Agbesinyale, fondly called Jojo, was born in Hohoe on March 16, 1980. His father was Fridolin McRudolf Kokuvi Agbesinyale of blessed memory - from the Adom Royal family, Hohoe-Torkoni; a banker by profession. His mother, Annie Maloe Agbenyinale (née Kumadie), from the Kadrake Royal Family, who passed away recently, was the late Togbega Gabusu VI’s sister.

Jojo lived his early years in Hohoe and Ho. He had his secondary education in Awudome Senior High, Tsito, between 1993 and 1995. He enrolled at University of Professional Studies (Accra) in 2002, where he obtained his CIM Level I, and proceeded to Jeff Wooller College, London, for Level II. Agbesinyale also obtained a diploma in management at University of Leicester, UK, in 2007 - majoring in Banking and Financial Services. In 2010, he graduated with a Master of Business Administration at Sunderland University, UK.

Gbi Traditional Area’s newest Togbega is a senior investment officer at Integrated Iron and Steel Development Corporation (GIISDEC), Accra. He has training in Supervisory and Team Building, Corporate Performance Evaluation, Marketing and Customer Service, Health and Safety at Work; and worked with various companies in the UK and Ghana.

His-Majesty-in-the-making is married to Faustine Ababio (also known as Faustine Agbesinyale). He is a father of three (Emmanuella, Janelle and Jaiden), member of the Lighthouse Chapel International Church, and a shepherd at his local branch.

Of all the qualities Agbesinyale is known to possess, his interpersonal communication skills stand out for those who know him closely. Other descriptions of him include strategic thinker, honest, humble, open-minded, supportive, self-motivated, intuitive and good sense of humor.

Agbesinyale’s outdooring this weekend may have marked a critical new beginning for Gbi. This is a lifetime position—all things being equal—and fingers are crossed within and beyond.

There is a new king in town certainly; the goodwill of his people is obvious and the task ahead is huge.

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