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In line with Ghana's constitution, Hohoe Municipal Area and South Dayi

District, have local governments. The executive, legislature and the judiciary are represented by: Municipal / District assemblies (headed by chief executives), parliamentarians and law courts.  

Most of the decentralized government institutions and infrastructure are located in the district capitals. As a municipal capital, Hohoe has the regional branch of Ghana's central Bank - Bank of Ghana. The town also has a branch of Ghana's commercial bank, Agricultural Development Bank, and National Investment Bank. Hohoe boasts of several private and community banks, including ABSA - formerly, Barclays Bank. Also located in Hohoe are four public higher institutions, a government hospital that serves the municipality and nearby districts, Ghana Cocoa Board, a municipal education office, municipal health service, office of Social Security & National Insurance Trust, Ghana Revenue Authority, and the nation's premier telecommunication company - Ghana Telecommunications / VodaFone. 


Public higher institutions in Peki include Peki College of Education.

Private higher institution in the town include Evangelical Presbyterian University.

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