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Paul Bingah

Not Your

Ordinary  Teacher

"I am a lecturer in English Language and Literature at St Francis College of Education - Hohoe; a native of Hohoe - Abansi."


MPhil English - University of Ghana, Legon.


B.A. English with Linguistics - University of Ghana, Legon.


Postgraduate Diploma in Management - International Management Institute,  New Delhi-India.


Research interests include: African Literature and Culture, Auto/Biography and Life Writing,  Eʋe Language and Literature, and Children Literature.

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Poetry, Crafts and More

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And Here We Are Again

And here we are again singing

in our mind's hearts the unsung

songs of unanswered questions.

Afuli Gã Aɖe Dò Kpitii

Afuli gã aɖe dò kpitii, eye Xexiame kekeŋ tsɔ̃ fukpee;

Nukpɔkpɔ tso adzɔge 

Hã zu agba gã aɖe nam;

When One Day We Unmute

When one day we unmute

the trapped voices in our heads

and restore the crescendo of

Swooping From Afar

Like the hawk we swoop from afar

In the nick of time

We clutch the rose with our claws

Ever Since Our Seeds

Ever since our seeds have been trapped

deep into the wombs of our fragile mothers

We Were Made to Learn

We were made to leancing their jitterbug 

So we can put aside our

We Live, Die, and Leave

We live, die, and leave to live;

Switching on and off our

Memoirs of pain and joy

Dream to Me

Deep within my heart,

Far beyond my comprehension

When your shining moons glare

Tsɔɛ̃vi Menye Mina Manɔ 

Tsɔɛ̃vi menye mina manɔ miadome

Tsɔɛ̃vi menye mina manɔ

Alea Wolea?

Kukue wònye yèda ɖe dzi

Ne ameaɖe be esɔ yea; nedui

Nenem xexea zu.

I Am a Singer-Bird

I am a singer-bird

Weaving un-nameable tunes

Give me the Leech

Dzogbe Ta Gã ɖe Nye Ya

Dzogbe ta gã ɖe nye ya menye loo

Ne mekue adeawo xanu 

And When We Finally Come

And when we finally come back home

Trying to relive the 

Paul's Poems

Read and conect with Paul Bingah

Paul's Poems

Read and connect with Paul Bingah


AKPANYA : A type of basket, made of palm leaves, has been home to the Hohoe municipality and surrounding districts for a long time.  Men who take up this craft do so usually as a trade. Paul Bingah once engaged in the craft to raise funds to cater for his needs, as a student. The college teacher now weaves for recreation. Akpanya weaving has largely been abandoned in the community, together with its trade, despite it being highly lucrative. Paul hopes to make it popular again and as work, especially for youths in the community.

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