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It is also worthy to note that recently, there emerged an attempt to confuse circumstances leading to the birth of Nyavor with the circumstances that led to the unfortunate departure of the original Torgbe Ayim of Awalime. These were two different turning points in the history of Awalime/Gbi-Bla and must be forever appreciated as such. 

With Nyavor rooted in his mother’s home, Tsri Korku was left to take up the leadership mantle after the death of their father Tsri. The children of Torgbe Tsri Korku were Vorvorli (male), Amexo (male), Akpenawoe (female), Tesi (female) and Teside (female). 

Later in the history of Bla, a libation was instituted in honour of the three founding ancestors of Gbi-Bla on the Atiletsakpe land. The three founding forefathers are Torgbe Tsri, Torgbe Asiamah Kotobri and Torgbe Vule. These three names were/are part and parcel of the customs and traditions of Gbi-Bla and are mentioned till date in Gbi-Bla when pouring some special libations.

During his reign, Torgbe Tsri Korku directly controlled Tsrivi as a sub-division and the entire Gbi-Bla as a division. The Blanyigbe sub-division was at this time controlled by the descendants of Asiamah Kotobri while the descendants of Vule controlled Bladzigbe.

Recently there were attempts to explain the origin of the Awalime/Gbi-Bla names AYIM, TSRI, ASIAMAH and VULE. These are names that arrived with the founders of Gbi-Bla. These names should not be misconstrued with the Akan names like EYIM (written AYIM), ESIAMA (written ASIAMA), etc. There are people who have been trying to trace the origins and the meanings of the above names. For example, some claim TSRI is the corrupted form of SRI while others claim it is the corrupted form of OKYERI. Such claims are grave mistakes that have to be put straight once and for all.m.

Author: Samuel Abednego Agbo

Photo Credit: Joyce Edem Agbo

               The above information is open to updates and can be contested.


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