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Gbi Viwo is a borderless forum and connecting point for Gbis across the globe and people with connections to or interests in Gbiland. The Gbi Viwo mission centers on community promotion. The forum is positioned as a facilitator. Gbi's promotion comes at the community and individual levels: the collective interest of the community as well as personal brands and causes. 


Besides its facilitation role, Gbi Viwo can organize and undertake initiatives

based on collective agreements on issues concerning the community. An example of such initiatives is the group's 2015 petition to the president of Ghana on the deplorable state of the major road that leads to Gbi and connecting areas.

To stay on top of the issues, the forum uses a combination of new media platforms to engage members by informing, entertaining and updating them on issues pertinent to Gbi and related subjects from across Ghana and the world at large.


In summary, Gbi Viwo, as a group, has five primary goals:

1. To showcase Gbi and all its attractions to the world

2. To amplify the Gbi voice

3. To provide space for community members to promote themselves and their brands

4. To serve as the connecting channel for Gbis all over the world and people interested in the community

5. To keep community members informed, entertained and updated on things pertaining to Gbi and related issues from across Ghana and the world.



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