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Locate Hohoe & Peki  in the Volta Region.

Adomi Bridge (Major Crossing) 

Travel by State Transport, Private Commercial Buses, Taxi or Rental

You can travel to Hohoe and Peki by a number of means but road trips are the most commonly used.
If not traveling with private transportation, public transportation is the easiest means.
You can travel from commercial bus stations or go by the official State Transport. Also, if within your means, you can chatter a mini bus, a  taxi or a rental car of of your choice.


Hohoe and Peki are in the Volta Region.

The trip/s may take you between 2 & 4 hours, depending on road conditions - starting from Accra, Ghana's capital city.

With major road construction works far advanced on the eastern corridor, you may be doing this trip at a maximum of two hours from Accra very soon; by the time you you are in Ghana, maybe

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