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In line with Ghana's constitution, Hohoe Municipal Area and South Dayi

District, where Hohoe and Peki townships are located, have local

governments. Local government includes all three arms of government: executive, legislature and the judiciary - represented by the Municipal Assembly headed by the Municipal Chief Executive; a parliamentarian and law courts. The two areas also have district and sub-district law enforcement units. 

Most of the decentralized government institutions and infrastructure are based in the district capitals. But the various towns that constitute each district and municipality additionally have facilities such as health centers and educational institutions, including second cycle, vocational and technical.

As a municipal capital, Hohoe has the regional branch of Ghana's central Bank - Bank of Ghana. The town also has a branch of Ghana's commercial bank,

Agricultural Development Bank, and National Investment Bank. These are in addition to a number of private and community banks including Barclays, rural and cooperative. Hohoe has four public higher institutions, a government

hospital that serves its entire municipality, Cocoa Board, Municipal Education

Office, Municipal Health Service, Social Security & National Insurance Trust,

Internal Revenue Service, national telecommunication company and more. 


The public higher institution in Peki is the Peki College of Education.

The town has another higher institution that is not state-owned. 

The seat of local government is the municipal or district assembly.

The South Dayi's seat of government is known as the South Dayi District

Assembly. South Dayi area is a much smaller area compared to the

Hohoe area whose seat of government is known as the Hohoe Municipal

Assembly. District and Municipal Chief Executives head the assemblies.

Government regulations including business and investment, health and

education, tourism and hospitality, and many more are overseen and ensured by the assemblies. ~ AHC


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