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AUTHOR: Samuel Abednego Agbo


Gbi-Bla is one of the nine divisions of Gbi

Traditional Area. The town shares boundaries with

Abansi, Hohoe, Kpeme, Lolobi and Santrokofi. Gbi

-Bla is headed by a divisional chief called Togbe

Buami, who doubles as the sub-divisional chief of

Tsrivi sub-division. Togbe Buami has two linguists,

namely Tsiami Asiamah Kotobri (senior) and

Tsiami Krakani (junior).


The occupant of the Buami stool is the second in

command in the entire Gbi Traditional Area. The

occupant of the paramount stool of Hohoe swears

the oath of allegiance to the occupant of the Buami

stool on behalf of the people of Gbi. In instances

where the paramount stool is vacant, divisional chiefs

are required to swear the oath of allegiance to

the occupant of the Buami stool on behalf of the

paramount stool.

When siting in state, Togbe Buami's position is the right hand side of the paramount chief, Togbega Gabusu. There are three other sub-divisional chiefs in Gbi-Bla, namely Togbe Vule, Togbe Awalie and Togbe Ayim. The divisional queen is Mama Ama Serwaa. There are equally three other sub-divisional queens namely, Mama Vulesi, Mama Awaliesi and Mama Ayim.
















Gbi-Bla has three subdivisions. The divisional metsitsie (Blametsitsie) currently is Lawyer Hanson Senoo. The Buami clan, Nyavor clan and Akunu clan collectively form the Tsrivi sub-division, headed by Lawyer Hanson Senoo as Tsrivimetsitsie. The Asiamah Kotobri Clan, Bansah Clan, 

Gledogbe Clan, etc collectively form the Blanyigbe Sub-division headed by Arnold Tsigbe as Blanyigbemetsitsie. The Ayim Clan, Kpone Clan and Vule Clan collectively form the Bladzigbe Sub-division, with Yeboah Cosmos as Bladzigbemetsitsie. Bartholomew Tsigbe is the current Asafoatse for Gbi-Bla.

The indigenes of Bla were traditionally peasant farmers and artisans. With the advent of formal education, they can be found in all spheres of formal and informal sectors.

Author: Samuel Abednego Agbo

PHOTO (SKY SHOT): Selorm Adigbo

PLEASE NOTE: The above information is open to updates and can be contested.


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