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In Words

Anku Courage is my name.

Folks and Friends call me M.C.

A young man who loves tradition, culture and Ewe customs. 

Fortunately, a gifted poet.

Scroll down, see what Courage has for you.

Read his poems and come back for updates.

Courage 02_edited.jpg

Gbi Degbe

Gbi ! Gbie ɖe gbe. Gbi ƒe. dɔme ɖe gbe 

Anyigba ʋuʋu, duwo ƒa, gake Gbi gale agbe Gbi gale te.


Yes! There is no denying fact that the teeth never

Looks beautiful without the gum ...

A New Day

A new day has dawned

For the world a sonwas born

Umm, who would ...

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