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Officially, there are close to twenty divisional Gbi towns

- about ten from each side -

Gbi Dzigbe (Hohoe) and Gbi Anyigbe (Peki).

The number of towns increased over the centuries from the original number of seven from each side.


A few different issues account for the additions.

Some of the newer towns were founded following disputes among clans, which sent some clans packing to find new places. Some towns were formed out of others. Some towns initially only counted as temporary habitations for settlers.

Others simply emerged over time, due to population increase and urbanization. 

Each divisional town has sub divisions. 

Gbi traditional leadership follows

this hierarchical order. 

 There is a divisional chief for each divisional town 

and sub-divisional chiefs for the sub-divisions.


The paramount chief leads the hierarchy.

He comes from one of four gates consisting of clans

from the central part of town.

Gbi Dzigbe (Hohoe) Divisional Towns

Abansi Akplamafu Atabu Avega Bla Gboxome

Godenu Hohoe Kledzo Kpeme Kpoeta Wegbe


Gbi Anyigbe (Peki) Divisional Towns

Adzokoe Afeviwofe Avetile Blengo

Tsame Wudome 


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