Gbi-Abansi is one of the nine major divisions of Gbi Traditional Area. The people of Abansi were part of Gbi-Kpeme, another Gbi divisional town, from which they separated to form a new, independent division. The Abansi division consists of four subdivisions: Tsevi, Daklovi, Asedukluvi and Kitivi. The town is led by its divisional chief, Togbe Adzima. Mama Honu Adzima

Akorlikpo  complements Togbe Adzima at the divisional level as queen of Abansi, while Togbe Dzidoa and Mama Dzidoasi - chief and queen -  represent the Asedukluvi subdivisions of the town. At the moment, the traditional seats for Daklovi and Kitivi subdivisions of Abansi are vacant. 


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