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The Gbi Lifestyle

The Gbi  lifestyle on the whole is no different from modern lifestyles in any part of the world.


It is a blend of cultural and social values -

influenced by tradition, faith, economic standards, education, community principles, urbanization, and societal trends.

Rural lifestyle in its purest form is fading away in Gbi and urbanization on the increase.

The impact of urbanization is evident in the choices and behaviors of community members as well as the general outlook of the community.

The extended family system remains an integral part of the Gbi lifestyle.

However, that system has weakened considerably.

Gbis have not forsaken their roles as extended

family members, but they are increasingly focusing on nuclear family.


The Gbi lifestyle of today didn't emerge overnight.

Changes have been happening over the centuries, as people increasingly pursued education, embraced technology

and walked away from traditions perceived as 

no longer relevant, out of date, unproductive or harmful.


But the change experienced across Gbi in the last two decades is without a doubt the fastest most dramatic.

Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey


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