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Buami IX

(Nellie Akpene Ekpi Woyome)

1992 - Present

Mama Wordegoe II is the queen of Gbi-Kpeme and one of nine divisional queens in the Gbi Traditional Area. 

Born in Hohoe on 8th September 1965, the head queen of Kpeme is the daughter of Killian Anku Ekpi of blessed memory; Kpeme, and Regina Amegasiti from Denu. She is a mother of one, a wife and professional teacher who was installed as the queen of her town in 1992.

Wordegoe II attended  E.P.  Primary  and  Middle schools, completing in 1981.  She had her teacher training at St. Teresa Training college, Hohoe, and graduated in 1991. Following years of teaching, Ekpi proceeded to the university for further studies in 2004. She obtained a Bachelor of Education in 2008, majoring in social studies.


The divisional queen is a senior high school teacher who ranks as Assistant  Director.


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