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Full Transcript of Deiga Kwadzo Dei XII's New Year Message - Peki



All too soon a new year is with us one more time. We are grateful to our God Almighty for His grace, guidance protection and peace amidst the prevailing covid-19 pandemic.

Our lives have not been the same since the COVID broke up in Ghana in March 2020 and affected every activity of ours even as individuals, a family, clan and community.

This notwithstanding, we were able to surmount some of the challenges we faced in 2021. In this regard, I wished to entreat each and every one of us to be accustomed to the new way of life in the COVID-19 era, in which we must keep ourselves safe whilst we go about our duties for the growth and sustenance of ourselves as individuals, families, clans and community. I wished to commend each of us for bearing with me and my Divisional Chiefs as well as the clothes Chiefs and elders by abiding with all the safety measures spelt out by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana to curb the spread of the virus particularly by not celebrating most of our festivals over the last two years. I am hopeful that the situation will normalize to enable us celebrate our rich festivals as a community.

Let us endeavor to pursue excellence in our various chosen fields as individuals and also contribute our quota to the growth of our respective families, clans, towns and Peki.

Again, we must strive to participate in all Government interventions and policies aimed at improving our socio-economic well-being. This is very important else Peki will be left behind. For this reason, we as Individuals, must take very keen interest in the development of our families, clans, towns and Peki as a whole by participating in all activities such as town hall meetings, communal labours and payment of levies and taxes as and when the need arises.

I wish to remind all of us of the various PEKI State rules and regulations, particularly, our burial date as recently circulated. Family heads, clans and citizens must strictly adhere to it. Be reminded that churches have been informed accordingly.

This New Year is very significant in the life and history of Peki State as we all will join the E.P. Church Ghana to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Bremen Missionaries on Eweland particularly Peki. Let us all be reminded that the work of Lorenz Wolf in Peki and Eweland cannot be swept under the carpet and so, we must all endeavor to partake and play our various roles for its success. With reference to this very anniversary, we are declaring this year as "Year of Return" for all citizens of Peki and people who have benefited from the works of the missionaries.

I am confident this year, 2022 will be a unique one and I am hopeful we shall overcome the numerous challenges and succeed. Continue to remember Peki and our country Ghana in your daily prayers for sustained peace and blessings from God.

Let me take this singular opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all the Chiefs and Queen Mother's as well as all the elders who assisted me in leading this great Peki State. The same gratitude goes to all members of the various committees set up to assist us the Chiefs to lead the state. I say God bless you all.

I wish to assure you of our unflinching and dedicated leadership in the coming year. I wish each Chief, Queen Mother as well as each and every Peki citizen and especially all those who are living in Peki a prosperous new year.


New year message
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Please find attached the original script from the office of the paramount chief.

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