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In Memoriam 2023 - A Sobering Reflection

Paying tribute to lost loved ones is a heartfelt tradition observed by the Gbi Viwo digital community at the end of every year, as the New Year is ushered in. Dubbed In Memoriam, the eighth edition of the tribute was released on January 31, 2023.

The video tribute mainly features relatives, friends and other connections who did not make it into the New Year. It includes those who died or were laid to rest in the immediate past year.

Facebook, where the largest group of community members are, has been the main channel for the release of these tributes. YouTube and WhatsApp, however, are the preferred channels for many others.

Find In Memoriam 2023 below. Follow link to YouTube, take a view and subscribe to the Gbi Viwo channel for updates on new content.


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