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Togbe Buami IX

(Anthony Asempah)


Enstooled: November 10, 2022

Togbe Buami IX, chief of Gbi-Bla, is known in private as Anthony Asempah. Buami is the right wing of Gbi Traditional Area's paramount chief, Gabusu. 


Asempa hails from the Royal Buami clan of the Tsrivi subdivison of Bla; one of the nine divisions of Gbi Traditional Area, in the Hohoe Municipality.


He completed his enstoolment rites and was enthroned as the nineth occupant of the Royal Buami Stool of Bla on November 10, 2022.  


He is second-in-command of the Gbi Traditional Area. This is the chief to whom the paramount chief swears his oath of office. 

Togbe Buami IX is a senior assistant registrar at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho. He has a BA (Hons) from University of Cape Coast, Postgraduate diploma in law from Keele University, UK, and a Master’s in law (LLM) from Staffordshire University - UK. The son of Komi Asempah is a father of two. He is married to Linda Enyonam Dossou. 

Read the full provide Togbe Buami IX and about his enstoolment and enthronement. 

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