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In the Gbi Traditional Area

By Samuel Abednego Agbo 

Trogbe Buami is the chief advisor or the senior most advisor to Torgbega Gabusu. Customarily, Torgbega Gabusu is not expected to make any decision of significance regarding the Gbi state without seeking the counsel of Torgbe Buami. 

Torgbe Buami wields the customary and spiritual right / responsibility of presiding over the final departure of Torgbega Gabusu to his ancestors (KUKƆNUWO & ƉIƉIKƆNUWO) which comprise DƆDADAKƆNUWO, HƆƲUƲUKƆNUWO & KƆƑEYIYIKƆNUWO which include AHAƑOƑOƉEANYIKƆNUWO or TSIƑOƑOƉEANYIKƆNUWO. 

Torgbe Buami also installs the paramount chief and vice versa. Torgbe Buami has the singular responsibility of presiding over the installation of Torgbega Gabusu and Torgbega Gabusu swears his oath of office to Torgbe Buami and vice versa. These customary ceremonies comprise FIAKUNUWƆWƆKƆNUWO & AFƆKPADODOKƆNUWO.

In the absence of a substantive Torgbe Buami, the above responsibilities naturally fall to the divisional chief of Gbi-Wegbe, the Left-Wing Chief of Gbi state.

Please note that ADETSITSIKƆNUWO also forms part of Gbi customary funeral rites and it is a form of AHAƑOƑOƉEANYIKƆNUWO or TSIƑOƑOƉEANYIKƆNUWO which is done by some specific group of Gbi elders for their departed member(s).

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