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The Gbi tradition is beautiful.
Some aspects have been modernized to suit the times
but the essence remains unchanged.
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Traditional Heads
The Elderly
Customary Practices
Traditional Gbi Homes


Traditional leadership in Gbi follows a hierarchical order, with a paramount chief and queen at the topmost position, followed by divisional chiefs and queens who in turn are followed by sub-divisional chiefs and queens. Other positions in the traditional order include linguists, warlords and elders. 

The Gbi Dzigbes - the Gbis from the Hohoe area - are led by Paramount Chief Gabusu - traditionally referred to as Togbega Gabusu.


The Gbi Anyigbes - the Gbis from the Peki area - are led by Paramount Chief Kwadzo Dei, traditionally referred to as Togbe Kwadzo Dei. 

Currently, Gabusu VI leads the Gbi Dzigbes. When the Gbi Anyigbes install a new paramount chief, he will be Kwadzo Dei XII.

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