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The Gbi Community Festival, Gbi Dukorza 2017, Set to Launch this Weekend

The Gbi State, is ready to launch its 2017 annual community festival, Gbi Dukorza, on Saturday, October 7. Peki, is the place for this year's.

The 2017 celebration is packed with interesting pre-festive activities, including health walks, inter-schools quiz competition, talents night, community clean up, cooking competition, marathon and inter-town football gala.

The health walk, for the first time, includes Accra, to allow Gbis and friends of Gbis who reside in the capital city the opportunity to take part without having to travel to Peki or Hohoe where many others would join in the activity.

A trip to Notsie, the ancestral home of Ewes, was canceled due to the political unrest in the Republic of Togo - Ghana's neighbor with whom it shares borders and close ties.

Miss Gbidukor Beauty Pageant, a major highlight of Gbi Dukorza, "has been signed off for private organization with oversight supervision by the National Steering Committee," according to the program organizers.

Core festive activities, which include the most anticipated and highly reviewed grand durbar of chiefs and queens, start from December 1, with Miawoezor, a customary welcome of the various Gbi clans, preceding events. As the hosts of the 2017 festival, the people of Gbi-Anyigbe: Peki, will be welcoming their sister clans from Gbi-Dzigbe: Hohoe, to their homes in accordance with tradition.

The Gbi Community Festival is an annual event held in rotation between the two sister Gbi towns – Peki and Hohoe. The 2016 event was rated as a great improvement from previous years. Gbi Dukorza 2017 is expected to be an improvement of last year’s.

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