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  • Honour Agbemor-Flint

A MAMA After God's Own Heart

"Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am so glad

you gave". It was soo hard accepting the fact that you had left us when news starting breaking in late Saturday evening.

Many of us just couldn't pass on the news not because we didn't believe but we couldn’t just accept it. So we kept quiet to see if someone could be bold enough to mention it. And Just like that, phones started ringing and beeping, bearing the saddest news one could hear in years. Even the Heavens cried for your Lost.

How can one person's life affect a million others so positively? How did you manage to touch so many without even knowing? How come you were never called Osofo Maame but MAMA? How did you make Christianity look soo simple? How come you had so much control in managing the affairs of the youth even to the admiration of "outsiders"? How did you manage a great Pastor, Lovely Children and a Church to be able to live memories in the minds of a whole country? How did you do all these wonderful things?

And for once, somebody passes on and everybody is soo confident she is already in Heaven - Yes, the only consolation that gladdens our grieving hearts. Mama Grace for sure is in Heaven and not knocking on Heavens Doors.

We will painfully celebrate your death because we know the impact you had on us individually, hoping we shall all live to your teachings and your ways which is a perfect imitation of the life of Jesus Christ himself till we meet up in Heaven someday.

"One by One we will come as far as the eyes could see, each life somehow touched by your generosity. Little things you have done, sacrifices you made now in heaven proclaim".

Thank you. Rest with the Lord, Mama Grace.

Tribute by Honour Agbemor-Flint (One of your Many Children).

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