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  • Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

Afelete by Augustine Foli - Chacha.

By Antoinette Herrmann-Condobrey

You might have spotted Augustine Yao Foli on social media with locks that remind you of Lucky Dube – often surrounded by musical instruments – and you might even have heard his latest release, Afelete, and danced to it. But did you also know Foli is a Gbi-born who grew up in Bla? The U.S.-based St. Francis Demonstration old student has been furthering his education and making notable strides in his music talent.

Foli’s latest track, Afelete, composed in Ewe, is all about life and gratefulness. In his own words: "Life is what we got. Life is grace and not a rat race. Being grateful for what one has is the beginning of a brighter future.”

Produced by Candy, Birmingham - UK, there is so much to this song that you will appreciate even without understanding the Ewe language.

Foli’s love for nature almost rivals his music talent. In fact, some may associate him much more with the environment and agriculture than music. The forty-one-year-old, nicknamed Chacha, is doing impressive things with this passion. He founded Ndor Village, a cross-culture educational project which aims to promote rural education and sustainable agriculture, while studying at Cazenovia College, New York.

Ndor Village, an NGO, has donated supplies to schools in the Hohoe municipality and nearby areas. Kpeme Junior High and his alma mater, St. Francis Demonstration, are among the recipients.

Foli is competitive at table tennis and volleyball. He holds a bachelor’s in international development.

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