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Abansi Ladies Group Launched, Geared Up for Community Development.

Charity, they say, begins at home, and Abansi Ladies Group may be leading the way in walking this talk. The all-women’s group, based in the small Ghanaian town of Gbi-Abansi, reached out to some of its most vulnerable community members during the 2022 Christmas holidays, ahead of a January 8 official launch. With the group's formal introduction to the public, ALG is all geared up for next level community development.

Founded in 2015 by Gladys Afi Adzimah, a retired New Jersey state educationist, ALG aims at harnessing “the economic powers of women and communities, promoting social inclusion, changing perceptions and influencing government policies to better the lives of

women and children,” its mission statement reads. “We are poised to deliver a broad-range of services to women and the underprivileged from diverse communities,” Adzimah underscores. The goal, she says, is to inspire the target audience “to become more economically active and personally fulfilled.”

The first of its kind in the town of Abansi, one of Gbi Traditional Area's nine divisions, the group has had its fair share of challenges - going dormant intermittently. Through it all, members remained in good standing and kept hope alive. The group convened every now and then, and took on projects, including cleanups and aerial spraying, to reduce mosquito breeding and prevent the spread of viruses and diseases in the town.

Coming out of its most recent hiatus in December 2022, ALG carried out another project - reaching out to some of the town’s most vulnerable. The women were seen singing cheerily on the town’s street and alleys, carrying loads of provisions on their heads, as they paid surprise visits to the sick, widowed and elderly—from one house to another—making donations to them. The towns’ kids, joined by friends and relatives from neighboring Gbi towns, had a memorable Christmas party, complete with gifts.

The group’s successful January 8 launch began with members attending church and receiving priestly blessings. Rev. Fath. Afesi of the St. Augustine Catholic Church, Gbi-Bla, commended the women for their thoughtfulness and counseled them on the need to stay united. He called for more such well meaning organizations across Gbi and Hohoe Municipality as a whole. ALG is open to partnerships for its community development projects and welcomes assistance of all kinds to help fulfill its mission.

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