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The Library and ICT Project by Mama Dzidoasi I

Mama Dzidoasi I of Gbi-Abansi has embarked on a library and ICT building project for her community.

The facility will be the first of its kind in Abansi when completed. It will serve the needs of students beyond this part of town, opening its doors to the entire Gbi and Hohoe municipality.

With the foundation laid and work in progress, the queen of Abansi-Asedukluvi wants this mission accomplished with all hands on deck. She appeals to community members and the public to support in every way possible, for the project to be completed on time.

The library-cum-ICT-center is one of several projects Dzidoasi plans on executing in Gbi. All together, these projects represent her giving-back-to-community goal, linked to fifteen years in office.

Gbis and friends from all parts of the world can donate to this project, using a few different channels set up with their convenience and security in mind.

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