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WATCH: Gbi Traditional Council Denounce Dangerous Audio Content Targeted At Gabusu's Funeral.

THURSDAY, DEC. 2 - HOHOE: Gbi Traditional Council, in a press briefing, denounced and unequivocally condemned content of an audio that has the potential of causing unrest in Gbi, leading to and during the funeral of Togbega Gabusu VI.

In the said audio, which had been in circulation for days, an unknown male voice is heard making claims about ongoing rift between Gbi indigenes and the Hohoe-Zongo community, citing a nine-year-old violent event that has long been resolved.

The press conference, led by the chiefs of Gbi Traditional Area, was held jointly with their allies from the Hohoe-Zongo community. Leaders from both sides of the community reiterated the peaceful coexistence among community members across Gbi and in particular, between indigenes and the Zongos, for years. They asked that the public completely ignore the message in the audio as it is ill-intended, meant to disrupt the peace in the area and to sabotage what is expected to be a beautiful and successful send-off for the late paramount chief.

The Gbi Traditional Authority is "pursuing" the person behind the audio, Togbe Keh XIII, Gabusu's Left Wing and chief of Gbi-Wegbe, informed the gathering.

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